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Award: 1st place winner

One Club Creative Bootcamp

San Francisco

PROBLEM Despite having the best taste in the protein drink category, Premier Protein only has 3% awareness. With generic packaging, they easily get misattributed. We had to boost their awareness without rebranding/redesign. SOLUTION Premier Protein's key target wants to be healthy and make good choices; they just need a little motivation. BIG IDEA We created a mascot to look identical to the current packaging. We named him, Joe, a life coach helping people make tasteful choices in life. With a fully integrated campaign customer will now be able to know exactly who Premier Protein is.






Premier Protein VANILLA.png
Premier Protein STRAWBERRY-new.png

branded gifs


Credits Creative Team -

Art Directors: Johanna Granlund, Gaelan Mundorff, and Lavinia Lurvink

Copywriters: Ian Blackley, Alexander Elmfeldt, and Fredik Svennson

Actor: Gaelan Mundorff

Video: Austin Espasito




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